新课标英语逐日一词·高频词(3)concern(必修1 unit1 L1 )

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本文摘要:新课标英语逐日一词高频词(3)concern(必修1 unit1 L1 )concern 担忧一、concern作动词的基本用法1. 影响;涉及;牵涉to affect sb/sth; to involve sb/sth~ sb/sth 影响;涉及affect/involve2. 关于be about~ sth 与…有关;涉及to be about sth;3. 让(某人)担忧to worry sb, 使某人担忧worry sb4.感兴趣take an interest ~


新课标英语逐日一词高频词(3)concern(必修1 unit1 L1 )concern 担忧一、concern作动词的基本用法1. 影响;涉及;牵涉to affect sb/sth; to involve sb/sth~ sb/sth 影响;涉及affect/involve2. 关于be about~ sth 与…有关;涉及to be about sth;3. 让(某人)担忧to worry sb, 使某人担忧worry sb4.感兴趣take an interest ~ yourself with/about sth (对…)感兴趣to take an interest in sth5.认为重要consider important认为(做某事)重要to think it is important to do sth1 [及物动词T]A. to cause worry to someone 使担忧;使记挂;使焦虑The state of my father's health concerns us greatly. 我父亲的康健状况让我们很是担忧。B. [ concern sb.+ that ]It concerns me that he hasn't been in contact. 还没有联系到他,我很担忧。C. 高频错误❌考点COMMON LEARNER ERROR: concern or concerned?特别警示: 注意不要混淆动词‘concern’和形容词‘concerned ’Warning: do not confuse the verb concern with the adjective concerned❌These days, people are concern about their health.典型错误❌(錯誤的用法)✔These days, people are concerned about their health. 如今,人们关注他们的康健。_____________2 [及物动词T] to be important to someone or to involve someone directly : 对(某人)很重要;与(某人)相关;涉及,关系到(某人)Matters of pollution and the environment concern us all. 污染和情况的问题事关我们每小我私家。

What I have to say to Amy doesn't concern you. 我要跟埃米说的事与你无关。____________3 [及物动词T] If a story, film or article concerns a particular subject, person, etc., it is about that person or subject(故事、影戏或文章)涉及,是关于…的The film concerns a woman who goes to China as a missionary. 影戏讲述的是一位去中国传教的女子的故事。

___________4 concern 跟反身代词体贴;关注;担忧concern yourself[R] to become involved with something, or worried about somethingThere's no need for you to concern yourself with what happened. 你不用费心发生了什么事情。Don't concern yourself. She'll be home soon. 别担忧,她很快就会回家的。____________5 To whom it may concern,something you write at the start of a formal letter or notice when you do not know exactly who it should be sent toTo Whom It May Concern 敬启者(读者身份不明时用在信件、通知和证明书开头的套语)二、concern 作名词的基本用法体贴,忧虑,公司,企业,涉及,影响,牵涉,与…有关,关注,关系到,担忧1. [C or U] when you feel worried or nervous about something, or something that makes you feel worried 担忧;忧虑;记挂;忧虑的事情Concern for the safety of the two missing teenagers is growing. 两名失踪少年的安危越来越令人担忧。

There's a lot of public concern about/over dangerous toxins recently found in food. 民众对迩来在食物中发现危险毒素一事很是不安。[ concern + that表语从句,或同位语从句 ]My concern is that you're not getting enough work done. 我担忧的是你将不能完成足够的事情。2. concern , concerns BUSINESS: 公司 [C] a company 公司,企业a family concern 家族企业It started slowly, but the company is now a going concern (= doing business effectively). 公司起步很慢,但现在生意做得很好。


3. concern , concerns IMPORTANT TO 关切[C or U] something that is important to you, or when something is important 重要的事;体贴的事,关切的事;体贴,关切[ concern + to infinitive /that clause ]His concern to appear experienced amused everyone. 他一心要显得履历老道,让大家以为很可笑。The company's sole concern is to ensure the safety of its employees. 公司唯一关注的是要确保其员工的宁静。There's a matter of some concern that I have to discuss with you. 我有件重要的事得跟你商量。

4 [C or U] something that involves or affects you or is important to you 关切的事;体贴的事;有利害关系的事What were the major concerns of the writers from this period? 这一时期作家们主要关注的是什么?I don't want to hear about it - it's no concern of mine! 我不想听那事——它与我无关!That's none of/not any of your concern. 不关你的事。5 be of concern to be important 很重要;有重大影响The results of the election are of concern to us all. 选举的效果对我们所有人都有重大影响。

三、单词高频考点梳理提炼1.concern vt. (使)担忧;涉及;关系到n. 担忧;关注;(利害)关系concerning prep. 关于concerned adj. 体贴的;记挂的;有关的show/express concern about/for 对……表现体贴/担忧have concern with 和……有关系with concern 关切地concern oneself about/for 担忧/体贴……concern oneself with 从事,到场……concern sb./sth. 与……有关be concerned about/over/for 体贴,记挂be concerned with/in 牵扯进/到场……all parties concerned 有关各方as/so far as... be concerned 就……而言四、 [学后演练高考模拟与真题] (1)Don't concern yourself ______ other people's affairs. 别干预干与他人的事。(2)I always concern myself ______ my son's future.我总是担忧我儿子的未来。

(3)He doesn't bother about things that don't ______ him. 他不体贴那些与他无关的事。keys: with;about;concern (4)As far as ____________, the sooner, the better. 就我而言,越快越好。(5)________________ your letter, I'm pleased to inform you of what you are interested in.关于你的信,我乐于告知你所感兴趣的工具。


keys:I’m concerned;Concerning3.(三年模拟)The comments which she made ______ the 1st Super Voice Girl bored a lot of fans to death.A.being concerned B.to be concernedC.concerned D.concerning谜底:D剖析:考察非谓语动词。题干中which she made与concerning均作定语修饰comments,因concern与其逻辑主语之间为主谓关系,故用v-ing形式作后置定语。